About Us
Integrity Polygraph, LLC is owned and operated by Andrei Lobanov-Rostovsky. He is an active member of the American Polygraph Association and the Colorado Association of Polygraph Examiners. He is also an approved Full Operating Level Examiner for Adults and Juveniles by the Colorado Sexual Offender Management Board. He obtained a degree from the University of Colorado in 2008 and graduated from the Backster School of Lie Detection in 2010. He was trained and supervised by some of the top examiners in the state of Colorado, and has conducted thousands of post-conviction sex offender polygraphs. His strengths include behaviorally descriptive question formulation, accurate chart interpretation, and post-examination interviewing skills.

At Integrity Polygraph, all of our examinations consist of a thorough pre-test interview, a testing phase using an Axciton computerized polygraph instrument, an analysis of the results of the examination, and a post-test interview to clarify the results of the test. The results of the examination will be prepared in a professional report and given to the client’s treatment team (for probation and parole clients) or the client themselves (for private personal exams). Test subjects are treated with respect during the entire testing process and each step is explained in detail to alleviate any potential concerns a client might have.

We have a professional testing facility conveniently located near Sheridan and Highway 36 in Westminster. We are also available to perform polygraph tests on location under special circumstance. All polygraph examinations are conducted in correspondence with the best practices of the American Polygraph Association. Tests that are conducted on post-conviction sex offenders are administered following the standards and guidelines of the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board.


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