Polygraph Information

The polygraph is an instrument that measures involuntary physiological reactions in the human body. The body experiences involuntary physiological reactions through the sympathetic nervous system. These involuntary reactions are based on an individual’s fear that is experienced in situations that present a danger to a person’s physical or mental well-being. The body’s natural response is to prepare the body to leave the situation or defend themselves. This phenomenon is commonly referred to as a fight or flight response, but also applies when someone tells a lie. When someone tells a lie, physiological changes occur in the body based on that person’s fear that the lie will be detected. These physiological reactions are measured through changes in blood pressure, pulse rate, breathing patterns, and sweat gland activity.

For more information, please refer to the American Polygraph Association website .

At Integrity Polygraph, LLC, we offer polygraph services for police departments and other government agencies, clients under community supervision, and pre-trial criminal examinations. We also offer personal examinations covering a wide range of topics including theft and fidelity tests. Please contact us regarding any questions, pricing information, and to schedule an appointment.

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